An individual’s diet may contain food items prepared using locally available ingredients that are cooked using conventional methods. These food items are generally rich in carbohydrates and fats but may lack in essential nutrients like fiber, minerals and certain vitamins along with amino and fatty acids. The absence of certain vitally important nutritional components may impose health risks and restrict overall body growth and development.


In order to fill this nutritional void, scientists and physiologists have come up with an idea of a nutritional supplement that maintains an adequate balance of all essential nutritional components, in a single preparation. Along with the daily food intake, and juice drinking this dietary supplement may provide the body with other vitally important nutritional components like vitamins, minerals, fiber, fatty and amino acids etc.

In order to boost the metabolism and improve blood circulation, dietary supplements do a great job in terms of providing the right nutrition for body’s endocrine system. A healthy supply of vitally important minerals, vitamins, acids and fibers help in rejuvenating the endocrinal system. This ensures a healthy supply of secreted hormones that are essential for healthy and effective body growth and its sound functioning.

However, there have been apprehensions and ambiguities with regards to the efficacy of these dietary supplements. Certain sections of society consider these supplements to be made of animal fats and organs and hence have boycotted them. Although there is a regulatory authority in every nation that monitors the ingredients and overall quality of such dietary supplements, but speculations about their efficacy surpasses all authoritative measures.

Dietary supplements contain certain natural ingredients like rare herbs, legumes and plant extracts that are capable of delivering miraculous results in terms of health. Physicians and doctors agree that the musculoskeletal development of human body is dependent more upon the protein intake rather than that of carbohydrates and fats. Nutrition, rich in carbohydrates and fats, provide the body with energy sources but lack of proteins, fatty and amino acids resist the musculoskeletal development of the body. This inadequacy of nutritional supply is balanced by the intake of high quality dietary supplements like protein shakes, powders and drinks.