Perhaps every young physician dreams of being a ‘healer’. We are rewarded with success at times, but there are many frustrations and disappointments as we pursue this goal. At least, this certainly has been my experience. But, all in all, the practice of medicine has been enormously enriching and fulfilling. My younger colleagues tell me that I practiced during the “golden years of medicine” and I believe that this is true. True, in spite of the continuing proliferation of scientific information and technological advances.

Despite the great growth of scientific knowledge and improved treatment, the business aspects of medical practice have seemed to obscure the caring role of the idealistic physician.

From the old-fashioned patient response of “you’re the doctor” and acceptance of prescription or treatment without question, the present day response is frequently “are there side effects?” and “what do I do to avoid getting sick again?” These questions frequently do not have good answers, but patients are requesting information to empower themselves and their loved ones to keep healthy and productive.

In this day and age, it seems to me, that the patient’s desire for personal empowerment is getting more difficult as medicine becomes more involved and technical. As individual physicians, we must learn about, and instruct, our patients in the basics of good nutrition and healthy life style to empower them to stay healthy and avoid chronic illnesses.

Good nutrition is, I feel, the basis of good health and longevity. Medicine, as a profession, has seemed to overlook this basic fact. We have not defined what good nutrition is, and pretty much have accepted the fact that “the food pyramid” says it all. This web site is my humble effort to empower those who have interest, to understand what good nutrition is, what it can do for us, and how to get it.

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