How to get control of one’s own health has been a question asked by many generations. We are bombarded on a daily basis with information on how to treat whatever our health concerns are, and it is a rare day that we don’t read or hear of some herb, supplement, or treatment to take for whatever ails us.

Ancient wisdom and current understanding seems to show that the body is able to heal itself if supplied with the needed nutrients. We have two main nutritional problems as I see it; one is that we get far too many carbohydrate (sugar) calories that cause a chronic elevation of our blood insulin levels, and the other is that we are deprived of plant sugars (glyconutrients) because our diets are deficient in ripe fresh fruits and vegetables.

Glyconutrients are an essential need for cellular health, and, if lacking, interfere with normal cellular function. When our cells are not healthy, neither are we. Organ systems, such as brain, heart, and lungs for example, are made up of many, many cells. Although the cells in each organ have specialized function, they all have similar nutritional needs. This is the reason that glyconutrients have such a great effect on our general health. They don’t treat some part of our body, or help some condition; they help all cells in every organ stay healthy. When our cells are healthy, our organs are healthy, and so are we.

Steps To Take To Get Control Of Your Health

Paying attention to lifestyle and exercising are a big part of getting control of your health. These are not things that are done overnight, but their importance must be emphasized and a personal commitment made toward this goal.

Providing ourselves with the proper nutrition is the easiest thing to do if we think in the term of supplements. Trying to get all the foods we need naturally would be a full time job. Advertising for the many products on the market said to help one health problem or another has bombarded all of us. My odyssey has convinced me that the best way to maintain health is to get the necessary nutrients. The easiest and surest way is to take supplements. With the necessary nutrients available, you can trust your body to ‘know’ how to get/stay healthy.